Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ah, love....

I apologize that I have not updated everyone since Blair has been home. We have settled back into our lives together with great ease. Someone told me once that it was hard to get used to having them back, but it is not so!! We have so enjoyed spending time together. We were both off for a week when he came home. We didn't have huge plans, just "be" together. It was, and still is, wonderful. I love him so much.

Some other news on our home front...we've gotten orders to move to Minot, North Dakota. We will be leaving Louisiana in July sometime. I would like to request prayer that our move goes smoothly and we follow God's will in every decision. Also, that I'll survive the subzero cold up there!!! The southern girl is gonna freeze!!!

Hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy! I love you all!