Monday, March 15, 2010


Just wanted to update everyone...Blair is home!! His flight arrived on-time (actually even a little early!) yesterday at about 4 p.m. I am so excited to have my hubby back! It almost feels like he never left!

Hope everyone is having as good a day as I am!!
This was taken about a month before he left at a friends going away party.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Away too long!

Holy cow, y'all! It's been forever and three days since I last posted anything! I apologize for that and really hope there is someone out there that still feels the need to read my blog (Jennifer, if you're still reading this, thanks)! There has been a lot going on in the North Pohl household since my last post.

First of all, we made it all the way to Christmas (literally, December 25th) before we had our first blizzard of the year. For anyone who doesn't know, last year's winter here in North Dakota was, according to the locals, one of the worst in at least 10 years! Lucky us that we got here just in time to experience it! This year however, I didn't even need to break out the parka until December! I was super excited!

When January rolled around, Blair got news that he was up for a TDY to Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was scheduled to leave for the two month TDY two days after my birthday, January 11. However, this being the TDY from hell (with explanation as to why to follow), it got indefinitely canceled. Two weeks passed with no word as to whether or not he was being rescheduled. Oh, let me not forget to mention that the length of stay was undetermined, but we were told at least 30 days, but it would end up being more like 60-90 days. Now, when he first told me about it, I was bummed of course, but I was essentially ok with the fact that he was leaving. I mean, heck, we made it through a 4 month TDY only 4 months after we got married. 30, or even 60 days, would be a breeze right? Well, some particulars that I'm not privy to got worked out and Blair got rescheduled to fly out about a week after we got the news. Ok, I thought, I can do this. Then, it got canceled again! To make a long story short, he got canceled one other time before he got the word that he was for real leaving. So as you read this, we are in our third week of separation. It's not been fun, but it's been ok. I definitely hate being away from my wonderful hubby, but I have to remind myself of the women that are dealing with husbands being deployed overseas, like one of the bloggers I follow, The Navy Wife. She is mucho grande strong! I will be so glad when Blair gets home. As of now, we don't have a firm "coming home" date, but that's the military for you. They definitely teach you patience and you kind of have to learn to roll with the flow.

Since Blair has been gone, I've tried to stay busy. The first weekend he was gone I had a purse party (at which I bought 3 purses!) on Friday night, went to lunch and shopping with a friend on Saturday, and had a "Lonely Valentine's Date" with some friends who's hubby/boyfriend's were away from them too (and a guy that doesn't have a gf! Yeah, he felt like the third wheel on a bicycle!). After that weekend I worked, and got in 16 hours of overtime. Can't wait for that check! This week has been a bit slower, but with still enough to do that I'm not constantly thinking about Blair being gone.

Since he's been gone, I've really been thinking about the future. A little background, a friend of mine up here just had a beautiful little girl. They are also military and her schedule is crazy like mine; working 12 hours here, 8 hours there, days, nights, always changing. Well, she's been pondering what she'll do when her maternity leave is up, which in turn made me wonder what I'd do in her situation, or rather when I'm in her situation. Also in this time, I've been doing some photography stuff. It feels like everyone is into photography, but I don't know if it's because I'm surrounding myself with it or it's becoming so popular that loads of people are delving into it. Either way, I've taken pictures of the new baby and been offered two "jobs." Since last March when Blair "forced" me to get my Nikon D90, I've been thinking about getting into the business of photography, not just dabbling in it. So far, the dream is just that, a dream. The ultimate would be to work part time at the hospital, just to keep my skills, and to be a photographer "full-time." Hopefully, that would allow more flexibility. Anyway, the point of my telling this is to request y'all keep me in your prayers that things will work out how they are supposed to.

Well, I have to admit when I sat down to write this it totally felt like more had gone on, but apparently I lead a very staid life, and I wouldn't change a thing about it! Again, thank you to anyone who still has interest in reading what paltry words I have to say! Hope this finds you well and safe and happy!