Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Just Knew It!

You have all been waiting with bated breath for the update on my vacations haven't you? Oh, you haven't? Well, here it is anyway!! Haha!

First our trip to Louisiana. The trip down was fraught will delays, layovers, hunger, and crabbiness. But in the end, we got to the Shreveport airport and were eagerly awaiting parents. I can still remember seeing Mama's face as she peeked around the people between us to catch her first glimpse of Blair and me!

I'll give you a basic run-down of the stuff we did while we were there.

The first night, after being picked up at the airport, we met Ash and Nathan and Lacy, William, and sweet Riley at fabulous Outback. (Let me say this once for all the places we ate...YUM!) We had a wonderful time visiting and I got to hold my 'niece' for the longest time! Turns out I wasn't even hungry because I had that sweet girl in my arms! By the way, she is the cutest, most calm, lovable little thing! Anyway, I thought for sure after the trip down that we'd had, I'd sleep forever on Friday, but lo' and behold, my eyeballs popped open at 7 a.m. and I was rarin' to go. So I went and woke my parents up and we called the sis and went for a family breakfast at Southfield Grill. We dropped Mama and Ash at Ashlie's and Daddy and I returned home. I was tired again by this point and wanted a nap. However, after only an hour, I was thinking of all the stuff I could be doing and got up. The day was spent mainly visiting and being visited by old friends and neighbors. (Thanks Jen and Mrs. Linda for stopping by!) For dinner we went to Cane's!! So, so good.

Saturday arrived and Blair and I went to South Bossier to drive by our old house and remincse about when we lived there. We ate at El Mariachi and then went to WalMart for the goodies we were to being for the ribfest and fish fry that was to go on at Ashlie and Nathan's that night. While the boys cooked, Ash and I strolled around on the boardwalk. I missed that place. You can find such great deals! The dinner that night was superb. (Once again, Nathan, you have ruined me on anyones fish but yours, my brother! I love it!) Good food, good company, what else does one need?

Sunday we went to church and got to see lots of folks! Good times. That night Blair and I got to see my "other" family, the Rosiers. It was so good to spend time with them. Monday was a girls' day and Ashlie, Lay and I went and got a massage! It was so nice to be pampered! After the massage, we went to visit Martha and her new baby in the hospital. I hated that I didn't get to spend much time with my friend but her family comes first! Tuesday I had lunch with an old work friend and we went shoppin' for fabric. It was so good to visit with her. Wednesday Blair and I went to walk through our house we have rented out down there. I thought it would be hard to see someone elses stuff in my house, but our renter appears to take pride in what they have. They seemed very grateful and were very nice too! Wednesday night the family got together again and we played dominos until way into the night!

Thursday, Blair and I got up early (after about 3 hours of sleep) and headed to the airport. Thankfully all our flights were on time and we got to Minot without difficulty. It was a wonderful visit and we both had such a great time. I can't wait till next time!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

So Much... update y'all on!

Blair and I have been to Louisiana for a week, home for a week, then to Mexico for a week...

Yeah, it's been busy.

But we had a BLAST!!

I can't wait to tell you all about it (and of course show pictures)!

But it'll have to wait till later, cause I gots to bring home some bacon (aka, work) till Tuesday!

Till then...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

He's home, he's home, he's home!!!!

Ok well to be honest, he's been home for about a week...yeah, I'm slow at updates!

On Friday, September 4th, he text me around 11 a.m. and said that the computers were acting up and he was waiting to take his last test. Then around 4 p.m., he text me and said that he was going to have to stay an extra day so that the computer tech guys could fix the computer in order for him to take the final test.

Let's just say, folks, I was not a happy camper! To say the least, I was ready for him to come home! Being alone is ok, in it's doses...not on and on and on! To my credit, though, I did keep busy while Blair was gone. Every night I wasn't at work, I had something to do...a Stampin' Up! party at a co-workers house, an interior design party at another co-workers house, dinner with a friend, and a house party. I was a busy bee!

However, all that served to do was keep me from thinkin' day and night about how much I wish Blair was with me. It definitely helped that I was able to talk to him on the phone everyday at least once and we text'd quite frequently. (What would I do without text messaging? Hello! I love it!!)

But now the wait is over and Blair and I are totally back in the groove of daily livin'. (He's made dinner twice this weekend so far because I've been good is that? What a great man!)

Married life, it's a wonderful thing, good folks, I tell you what.

Not for anything would I give this man up. I love being married and can't wait to see what the next, oh, fifty years brings our way!

Monday, August 24, 2009

One down, two to go...

Well, week one has come and gone since Blair has been gone. Working and hanging out with friends has kept me sufficiently busy enough not to think every second of every day about him being gone. Mostly I sleep, work, go to the gym, sleep, and do it all over again.

We get to talk on the phone and let me tell you, that is what is keeping me sane! I think about these women who don't hear from their husbands for weeks or months (or in the old days, waited for letters!) and I feel very grateful that my husband is in no danger and that we're able to talk at least once a day. Sometimes twice.

So we've only got two weeks then he'll be home. Thank God. I can't wait to see him. Hold him in my arms. Kiss him. Just be with him.

Soon. Two weeks. I can do it. I know I can!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unexpected and unprepared...

...for Blair to leave so quickly! We've known for a while now that he'd have to go to "Seven Level School" in Wichita Falls, TX sometime in August. Then about a month ago, we learned he'd need to be down there by the 19th. I was figuring in two days of travel, but when I called him at work before I left for work on Tuesday, he told me he is leaving on SATURDAY!!!! Yes, folks, this Saturday.

I am so bummed! I thought we'd have the weekend together before he left so I wasn't worried about my work schedule this week; which coinsidentally, it's worked out that I have not seen hide nor hair of my husband since Sunday. You heard right. Sunday.

Am I happy?

No. I. Am. Not.

I get this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, along with Friday, and that's it. He'll be leaving early Saturday morning.

I am really trying not to complain though. Women I know personally, and other bloggers, have husbands gone for way longer to dangerous places for months and months at a time. I know Blair will be's just I'll really miss him! He and I are so content just to be with each other that I'll miss just being in his presence.

So, readers, when you crawl into bed with your love, snuggle up and think about how lucky you are to have them in your arms.

I will, on the other hand, be holding Blair's pillow; which I'll have liberally sprayed with his cologne.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thoughts and a Question

Ok folks, I have a question for y'all. First, a little background...

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a picture and photography fanatic. I have tons and tons and tons (you get the picture...pun intended!) of pictures printed and loads waiting for the privilege of making it to the print shop.

Now, for mine and Blair's anniversary, he let me get a nice, new Digital SLR camera. His one stipulation on buying this piece of equipment was simply that I had to learn to use it. I am slowly but surely learning my way around and playing with the settings and features as I go.

Now, I stumbled across a class (actually a co-worker told me about the site, that teaches techniques in Photoshop that allow you to edit pictures. I hastily signed up for the class thinking that if that one went well, I'd do another and go from there. Turns out, I LOVED IT! I could (and have) sit for hours upon hours just playing with my pictures.

Now what tends to happen with me is that I get all gung-ho for a while and then the enthusiasm tends to peter out. However, I have had an idea in the back of my mind for quite a while, just kicking it around, thinking about it, turning it this way and that, trying to see all the pros and cons of my idea.

So, my fellow readers, I will pose my question to you. Sort of like market research.

Now, my idea is for you (by you, I mean my potential customers) to email me pictures that they have taken, then allow me to edit the picture (not altering the original picture data). I have the ability to put text on pictures. I can make a picture have a vintage feel. I can do black and white with a punch of color on a specified spot (i.e. a flower, eyes, a ball, or whatever). I can do collages with up to nine pictures (more may look too squished). Storyboards would also be available.

I have also tossed around making invitations. Probably not too in depth in the beginning, but if someone would like wedding invites, birthday or shower invites, I believe it would be totally do-able.

I have a lot of ideas and would like to bring them all to fruition. So my question is this...would any of you like to take advantage of this? My prices would be reasonable (I realize the economy isn't the best). I would love to have a business doing something that I love to do. I would like to eventually expand this to do the actual taking of the pictures I edit. For the people locally, that would be an option.

Now, I'm sure no of you would think to be mean, but I'm going to say it for those who might...but I am really putting myself out there right now by bringing this to you, and if you have anything other than positive comments, keep them to yourself please!!

***I will post more examples of my work at a later time, but for one example, look at the very bottom of this page at the sepia toned building I edited.***

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who can resist cute shoes?!

Apparently not I. I went shopping a while back with my neighbor and we stopped by our local friendly Payless Shoe Store and look what I found! Pink suede mocasin-like slippers. Not only are they too cute, they are comfy too! See?!

Oh, and since Payless is awesome they had a buy one, get one half off sale. So I did! And aren't they darling!?

These cuties I wore for Blair's ALS graduation. You got to see the dress in a previous post, however, the shoes did not get any spotlight now they do! Time to shine ladies!

These sweet babies flew me all the way to the grand state of Michigan for a wedding. They are super cute and surprisingly super comfy!!! Score!

***Whoops! I said these shoes "flew me"? I really meant flew with me. I wore comfortable, practical shoes to traverse the harried airports in!

These cutie pies are the first shoes I bought in North Dakota. They do the occasion proud!

Well, folks, whatcha think? If you've got cute accessories, shoes, or whatever, show 'em off!

Thanks for taking a quick tour of my closet with me! Hope y'all are havin' a wonderful day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

On the road...again!

Well, folks, it seems that since winter has finally loosened it's dreadful grip of the weather around these parts. Thank goodness. Along with warmer weather and sunny, puffy-clouded days, brings us good road conditions. Not long ago (Memorial Day weekend, to be exact), Blair and I took a trip to Fargo to get his latest tattoo finished (he needed the color filled in). Well, the entire way there, I had a bad feeling about the appointment. {Not} to my surprise, when we reached the shop (after leaving at 6 a.m. and traveling for four hours) one of the artists told us the guy who was supposed to be doing Blair's tattoo was sick and wouldn't be in that day! ARGH!! Talk about frustration! Luckily, Blair had wanted to spend the night in Fargo and I'd already booked that room, so at least the trip wasn't wasted. We ended up having a really good time in Fargo and enjoyed spending time away together. Oh, oh, and we got to eat at IHOP before coming home. I know, I know, who cares about IHOP right? Well, non-North Dakota residents, I do!!! At home, IHOP was on the bottom of the 'let's go eat somewhere good list' because there were so many other really, really good places to go. Not here. IHOP is a treat. And let me just tell you, I gorged. It was wonderful.

Since the trip to Fargo was a bust as far as the purpose, Blair did research and found another shop to go to to get his tattoo finished. Luckily for us it's only an hour and a half away in Bismarck. While we were there, I also got some new ink. {Pictures to come.} We very much enjoyed only having to drive a short distance to reach our destination. It was such a beautiful day, we kinda hated to be cooped up in a car, but we had a really good time. Usually we get in the car to go on trips and whoever is not driving passes out asleep. However, Blair stayed awake the entire time and we talked the whole way there and back! These days it seems our lives are so busy that we just talk in random snatches, especially since my schedule at work is so crazy. It was nice to be able to have such a long time devoted to just us and conversation.

When we got to Bismarck, we were a bit early so we went to see a movie at this awesome theater they have there in town. It's decorated like an old-timey play house with movie memorabilia all over the place. Next time we go that way, hopefully we can go back to that theater!

Well, I know your probably anxious for pictures so here they are! Enjoy...

Here I am with the stencil on and ready to go...

The artist, Ellie, was super sweet and really good too. It was over in 25 minutes!

This is mine, finished. It says MMVII, Roman numerals for the year Blair and I got married.

Blair looks so stoic...he's watching the poker tour on T.V.!

Blair's was finished quickly too, only about 30 minutes!

The finished product. Neat huh?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fantabulously Frugal

Hey y'all! I don't normally get into the giveaway thing, but I ran across this one and it looks to good to pass up! Check it out @ to sign up and enter if you wish! If you decide to enter, mention me and we'll both get an extra entry!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

State of Our Union, Part II

Two years (and five days ago), I married the man of my dreams. In a twenty minute ceremony, with friends and family present, we pledged our lives together. Never once have I regretted that vow. My husband is the most kind, funny, loving man I know. He makes me laugh when I don't feel like it. He is my commonsense adviser when I can't see past my nose. He is my friend, always. I love him with all that I am.

We have had lots of fun and adventure in our short two year marriage.

We've been through a TDY (this is Blair getting ready to go to the airport).

We've moved across country (from way south to waaaayyyy north)!

Here is my family and two best friends waiting for the trailer to leave B.C. A bittersweet moment.

Visited family.

Visited more family!

Gone on random roadtrips.

Made it through a harsh North Dakota winter. (The worst in 10 years according to locals!)

Blair graduated ALS (I'm so proud)!

We've done a lot in our short two years of being married. I am so proud to call myself wife to such a wonderful man.

I love you baby.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dad-burned excerise

So, along with about probably 90% of America, I thought I'd start out the new year by getting into shape.

Let me just tell you, it's not easy! Going to the gym in sub-zero weather is not fun. It's gotten way better since it's been so hot (and I use that term way loosely as it's been mainly in the 40s-50s!). Tonight I had to stay up so I can sleep for work tomorrow and I decided to go to the gym.

Of course I procrastinated so long that I only gave myself about 45 minutes to do anything (which I did last night too...yeah, I know...). Tonight I decided I would do the weight machines since there are sidewalks I can use for cardio. I was all excited because I got my weight stuff done and then I was going to run a mile in our neighborhood. I even drove my route to make sure it was a mile.

Yeah, what I didn't take into account was the blasted wind that is always blowing in North Dakota (it didn't help we had a rainstorm moving in)!! If it's to your back, you've got it made. Any other way and it's like fighting an uphill battle.

So I set out, all gung-ho. Readers, not a quarter of a mile into it I feel like my legs are frozen and I'm breathing like a Kentucky Derby winner who just gave it their all. It was not a pretty sight by any means.

I just want to know, why is it I can run for a solid 15 minutes on a treadmill with an uphill grade of 2 but I can't run into the wind?! UGH.

This 'healthy' stuff is way overrated!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Congratulations Blair

For the past five weeks Blair has been ALS (Airman Leadership School). It's a school for Airmen to learn, well, how to be leaders. It's something they have to do so they can make rank also. This allows Airmen to become NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers). Last May, Blair tested for his Staff Sergeant and this class is kind of like a prerequisite to putting that extra stripe on.

Anyway, Blair and I have never been to a "formal" Air Force event, so I was a bit nervous. We got there super early, of course. Because of that, I had about thirty minutes to stew and fret as to who of Blair's bosses would be there and are they nice? What if I screw something up and embarass Blair? Argh! However, I was very, very pleasantly surprised. We had in support of Blair Chief Jones, Major Vattioni, and Lt. Colonel Mongeon (who just happened to be a woman, thank God!). They were all super nice! I definitely breathed a huge sigh of relief. Major Vattioni was the one seated closest to me and he asked me at the very beginning if I'd ever been to 'one of these things.' To which, I said no. He promptly told me not to worry, he'd let me know what to do, which ended up not being too much, thankfully.

We had a very nice dinner and pleasant conversation. Shortly after dinner, they called out the nominees for the Leadership Award. Blair was one of these nominees. However, sadly, he did not get the award. I think, though that its an honor to be nominated! (The guy that actually got the award is someone I like so it's ok.) Next came the guest speaker. He was a retired Chief who graduated from a high school in Columbus, GA (where my dad is from). When he got done, the graduates did their 'walk.' The people that handed Blair his 'diploma' were really great about family and pictures. They are the commanders of the base and were super nice. If they thought the family member didn't get a good picture, they made the graduate stop, come back, and let the person take a good picture. It was hilarious. But it let me get a couple good pictures, so thanks, guys!! Haha.

*Oh, I forgot to tell you about 'roll call.' The emcee called out all the shops in attendance. Major Vattioni shouted out MUNS and Blair, the Chief, the Lt. Col., and I yelled FIREPOWER! It was pretty cool.*

After the graduates walked, it was pretty much over. All the graduates got together for pictures and I got a good one of Blair with his class.

All in all it was a really good night. And not just because I got to buy a new dress and pair of shoes for the event!!

I have now been initiated into an Air Force formal. Go me.

Here are a few pictures of the night...

This is the emcee and the Legacy (something the class leaves behind) that Blair designed.

Blair with the base commanders

Blair saluting the base commander.

Lt. Col. Mongeon, Blair, Chief Jones, Maj. Vattioni

Blair with his graduating class.

Blair and me

**Congratulations Blair! I love you!

Going Green

Finally, we are getting a little color around this place! Don't get to excited, it's just a little. First, the snow ran away. Then, the ground appeared. Next, color started to show up. In the beginning, it was just a small amount of green explosion! All the yards are green and the trees have decided to wake up from their winter nap. NO. MORE. BROWN. Finally!!

I don't know that everyone appreciates the eccentricity of North Dakota weather. For example. Blair mowed the yard for the first time of the season last Saturday. Yep, but it was snowing when he was mowing! Can you believe it?! It's MAY, y'all! I can't believe that it's May and it's cold enough to snow! This is retarded! This morning it was 33 degrees and by Tuesday it's supposed to be in the 90s! Lord a-Mercy guys, it's crazy.

Here's a little glimpse of the beginnings of the green in motion.

We went from this...

And this...


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Green with Envy

I hate to even be admitting to this, but yes, folks, I have been envious. Namely of my sis and Martha. Why? you ask? Well, they had a toy I wanted. Most of you know that I love to take pictures. Not just any pictures but pictures of very random things (i.e. the mold that grew on our forgotten leftovers, if you'll remember!). Now, when my good friend Martha got a nice new camera and lenses I didn't really think much except, "Good for you." However, when Ash started ranting and raving about how cool it was and how she wanted one...I started I want one too? Well, I didn't dwell on it...until Ash got one for CHRISTMAS!!!! Then I started seeing all these sights on the way to and from work that would be such great pictures...if I had a camera like theirs. Now, I knew better than to mention to Blair that I wanted this camera because he likes to spoil me and he'd either buy it for me or force (haha) me into getting it. Well, one day it came out that I wanted it and low and behold, he did exactly what I thought he would (do I know my man or what?)...he told me to 'Just buy it, Laura.' No matter that it is over a grand, just get it. Ha! Anyone that knows me at all, knows that I'm a tightwad with money. Well, he finally convinced me to get it and I did get a really good deal on ebay (thank you God, for the internet!) but it still took me ten minutes (literally) to click the buy button. I kept thinking of all the stuff we could get with a thousand dollars! But in the end, my greed won out and I bought it. And haven't looked back since!! I love, love, love this camera. I ended up not getting the exact same one as Ash and Martha, but its the same concept. (They got a Cannon 50D and I got a Nikon D90, just FYI.) I have been taking random pictures with it around the house but have been itching to go out into the wild blue yonder and take some photos. Finally the opportunity presented itself. A girl at work has the same "addiction" with picture taking as I do and we were going to meet up and take pictures around her little town (bout an hour away called, oddly enough, Towner). However, we didn't get the chance because her little girl got sick and she's more important than me and pictures. But, since I was in photo mode, I decided to go it on my own. (I know, how brave of me right?) Well, I just started driving and here is what I found. Let me know what you think...but only if its good thoughts!! ;)

This is a cute little church that I can just see the steeple on the way to work. I finally got to find it and take its picture!!

I don't know why, but I love run-down buildings. Here is exhibit A.

Here is the town of Minot from a lookout point by the airport.

Exhibit B of rundown buildings! Cool, huh?

I love trains, so imagine my glee when this beauty whizzed past!

Just trying to make a grain elevator glamorous.
** Correction--this is a grain bin, not an elevator. My bad.

This little house was actually really far away...but I have a big zoom!!

I didn't really mean to get the sign, but it looks cool anyway, I thought!

This is one of my favorite "picture opportunities." It looks so pretty with the sun behind it.

This was the huge drift that was in our backyard until about two weeks ago. Crazy weather!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More braggin'...

Ok, so y'all probably get tired of hearing about how great my husband is, but, well, your about to hear more. This past weekend I worked 12 hour shifts. (I have just gotten off of a seven day stretch of working, not all 12 hours shifts, though, thank goodness!) Anyway, I always have a n on-going grocery list (because if I don't write it down when I think of it, I'll forget!). Blair occasionally will write down some 'special' request and I'll get it when I go to the commissary. This is what I saw when I came downstairs on Friday...

(**It's like Where's Waldo. Can you find the hidden message?)

Ok, so the point I made earlier about my busy weekend was to say that Blair was great this weekend. When I got up on Friday, he 'cooked' dinner (aka, got pizza). That way neither one of us had to stress what to make and just got to be together. On Saturday, he took the list above and went to the commissary and bx for me! And he for real cooked and made an awesome dinner for us to enjoy! Not only did he do that, he did laundry!! Yes, he did! And I didn't even have to ask!!! Then on Sunday, it was all folded! *GASP!!* Oh, my gosh! (Now, don't think anything of it being a day later, cause sometimes I leave laundry for days!!) I came downstairs and it was all folded neatly in the basket. I was so proud of him! He is the best hubby ever!! Thank you, God, for the man You've blessed me with.

Trip Pictures

~~Here is the picture update that I promised forever long ago...Enjoy!

A picture from the plane on my way to Ft. Wayne, IN!

The bride and groom at the start of the wedding.

The beautiful ceiling of the church! Even the speakers were painted to match!

Katie and Paul saying their vows. You could feel their happiness!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Kuch!

Apparently the wedding took place in Michigan's state capital, Lansing. So between the wedding and reception, we went to see the capital building!

The bride and groom in front of their 'party' table.

My wonderful in-laws!

My sweet bro-in-law and his wonderful girlfriend!

The cool Italian dance. They're moving so fast, everyone is blurry!

The gang (Dennis, Kate, Ben, me, and Teri).

I took a picture with the beautiful people...

On the flight home (we couldn't take off until daylight b/c a strobe light was broken, it did not inspire confidence!).

~~Hope you enjoyed a quick look into my weekend!