Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going Green

Finally, we are getting a little color around this place! Don't get to excited, it's just a little. First, the snow ran away. Then, the ground appeared. Next, color started to show up. In the beginning, it was just a small amount of green explosion! All the yards are green and the trees have decided to wake up from their winter nap. NO. MORE. BROWN. Finally!!

I don't know that everyone appreciates the eccentricity of North Dakota weather. For example. Blair mowed the yard for the first time of the season last Saturday. Yep, but it was snowing when he was mowing! Can you believe it?! It's MAY, y'all! I can't believe that it's May and it's cold enough to snow! This is retarded! This morning it was 33 degrees and by Tuesday it's supposed to be in the 90s! Lord a-Mercy guys, it's crazy.

Here's a little glimpse of the beginnings of the green in motion.

We went from this...

And this...


1 comment:

Ashlie said...

Is that real snow?! Or did you photoshop that in?! How can humans possible survive in a place that has snow that deep??!! Yikes! Definitely gonna have to come see you in the summer time!!