Sunday, April 26, 2009

Green with Envy

I hate to even be admitting to this, but yes, folks, I have been envious. Namely of my sis and Martha. Why? you ask? Well, they had a toy I wanted. Most of you know that I love to take pictures. Not just any pictures but pictures of very random things (i.e. the mold that grew on our forgotten leftovers, if you'll remember!). Now, when my good friend Martha got a nice new camera and lenses I didn't really think much except, "Good for you." However, when Ash started ranting and raving about how cool it was and how she wanted one...I started I want one too? Well, I didn't dwell on it...until Ash got one for CHRISTMAS!!!! Then I started seeing all these sights on the way to and from work that would be such great pictures...if I had a camera like theirs. Now, I knew better than to mention to Blair that I wanted this camera because he likes to spoil me and he'd either buy it for me or force (haha) me into getting it. Well, one day it came out that I wanted it and low and behold, he did exactly what I thought he would (do I know my man or what?)...he told me to 'Just buy it, Laura.' No matter that it is over a grand, just get it. Ha! Anyone that knows me at all, knows that I'm a tightwad with money. Well, he finally convinced me to get it and I did get a really good deal on ebay (thank you God, for the internet!) but it still took me ten minutes (literally) to click the buy button. I kept thinking of all the stuff we could get with a thousand dollars! But in the end, my greed won out and I bought it. And haven't looked back since!! I love, love, love this camera. I ended up not getting the exact same one as Ash and Martha, but its the same concept. (They got a Cannon 50D and I got a Nikon D90, just FYI.) I have been taking random pictures with it around the house but have been itching to go out into the wild blue yonder and take some photos. Finally the opportunity presented itself. A girl at work has the same "addiction" with picture taking as I do and we were going to meet up and take pictures around her little town (bout an hour away called, oddly enough, Towner). However, we didn't get the chance because her little girl got sick and she's more important than me and pictures. But, since I was in photo mode, I decided to go it on my own. (I know, how brave of me right?) Well, I just started driving and here is what I found. Let me know what you think...but only if its good thoughts!! ;)

This is a cute little church that I can just see the steeple on the way to work. I finally got to find it and take its picture!!

I don't know why, but I love run-down buildings. Here is exhibit A.

Here is the town of Minot from a lookout point by the airport.

Exhibit B of rundown buildings! Cool, huh?

I love trains, so imagine my glee when this beauty whizzed past!

Just trying to make a grain elevator glamorous.
** Correction--this is a grain bin, not an elevator. My bad.

This little house was actually really far away...but I have a big zoom!!

I didn't really mean to get the sign, but it looks cool anyway, I thought!

This is one of my favorite "picture opportunities." It looks so pretty with the sun behind it.

This was the huge drift that was in our backyard until about two weeks ago. Crazy weather!


Ashlie said...

Yay! I love your pictures! The one of the church is my absolute favorite. It looks so quaint and cute sitting there and I love how the tree balances that tall steeple. I'm a sucker for run-down buildings too, particularly barns! Great job Sissy! I'm so excited you got your toy! When I come visit you I'll bring mine and we can play!!

Liz said...

Glad you're enjoying the new camera. Fun pics. Just wait... you'll end up buying bigger purses so you can haul it with you wherever you go! That's what happened to me!

Leigh said...

Congrats on the new camera. Isn't it fun to just take pictures of whatever and not worry about wasting film. Have fun!!