Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trip Pictures

~~Here is the picture update that I promised forever long ago...Enjoy!

A picture from the plane on my way to Ft. Wayne, IN!

The bride and groom at the start of the wedding.

The beautiful ceiling of the church! Even the speakers were painted to match!

Katie and Paul saying their vows. You could feel their happiness!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Kuch!

Apparently the wedding took place in Michigan's state capital, Lansing. So between the wedding and reception, we went to see the capital building!

The bride and groom in front of their 'party' table.

My wonderful in-laws!

My sweet bro-in-law and his wonderful girlfriend!

The cool Italian dance. They're moving so fast, everyone is blurry!

The gang (Dennis, Kate, Ben, me, and Teri).

I took a picture with the beautiful people...

On the flight home (we couldn't take off until daylight b/c a strobe light was broken, it did not inspire confidence!).

~~Hope you enjoyed a quick look into my weekend!

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Ashlie said...

Hi Sissy! Hi! I'm looking at this 23 minutes after you posted it, so it kinda feels like an IM or something! Ha! I couldn't tell where the speakers were in the church! I looked and looked, were they the brown square things in the ceiling? If so, they did a darn good job hiding them! And Katie's dress...OMG! Her mom did such an AWESOME job on it! It was gorgeous!! Okay, and I REALLY did not like that caption, "I took a pic with the beautiful people." YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! I mean person. I love that shirt you're wearing, and your hair has gotten so long! Wow! I'm glad you had a great time Sis. It was fun to see where you were. I love you!!! Have a great day!