Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dreams and Hugs

Ok, so. You know how when you dream, sometimes you don't really remember all of what the dream was about? (I hate that, personally, unless it was a bad dream, of course!) Well, the other night I had the best/worst dream ever. I was dreaming that I was at some sort of shower or get together. I walk in and start seeing all these people I knew. It was really kind of cool, because even though I saw them in my unconsciousness it still feels like I saw them, ya know? Anyway, every time I saw someone new that I loved, we would have this great big Martha-hug (anyone that's been hugged by Martha knows that she loves to give firm hugs, they're the best!) and start crying. As stated earlier, it was a good/bad dream. It was good because, like I said, it made me feel like I'd see all the people that I love so much. It was bad because I woke up and realized that it was truly just a dream. However, when I woke up, it still felt like I was being hugged and I had tears clogging my throat, just like now. That feeling of being hugged was the absolute best. It made me feel like God knew just what I needed after that heart-wrenching dream, and He gave it to me.

I want to take this time to tell you all, my loved ones, how very much I miss you. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mind living in fro-zone land where it gets to -30 and I love the adventure that my wonderful husband and I are having living somewhere so different from anything I've ever known. I honestly love the people here and my job is great. But, if only you all were here with me, it would make everything perfect. But we don't live in a perfect world, says the AllState commercials, so I suppose I'll make do with my dreamt of hugs. But know that if I could I would love to give you all a great big squeeze right now. So go out and find someone to do it for me (preferably someone you know!!) and think of me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Picture Update

Our front porch. At this moment, it's about a foot higher up the post!!

Our Christmas Tree

My favorite ornament

The beginnings of our "Mexican" Christmas dinner: the Bean Dip.

Blair being helpful!

In the process of making our dinner... and eating it!!

Tacos and taquitoes

Trying to get a good picture, but Blair was being silly!

Again, no go on the picture. Silly boy!!

My new bedside table!!

My old beside table!

My new's so comfy!!

Blair kills me!

Blair opening his 'surprise' gift...a new bow.

I couldn't hide the big bow and case so I wrapped a picture of it! He said, "What is this?!"

Our cool fuzzy, flap hats from my wonderful in-laws!

My beautiful pearl necklace from my wonderful husband!

I hope everyone 'made out' like a bandit like I did!!