Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Picture Update

Our front porch. At this moment, it's about a foot higher up the post!!

Our Christmas Tree

My favorite ornament

The beginnings of our "Mexican" Christmas dinner: the Bean Dip.

Blair being helpful!

In the process of making our dinner... and eating it!!

Tacos and taquitoes

Trying to get a good picture, but Blair was being silly!

Again, no go on the picture. Silly boy!!

My new bedside table!!

My old beside table!

My new's so comfy!!

Blair kills me!

Blair opening his 'surprise' gift...a new bow.

I couldn't hide the big bow and case so I wrapped a picture of it! He said, "What is this?!"

Our cool fuzzy, flap hats from my wonderful in-laws!

My beautiful pearl necklace from my wonderful husband!

I hope everyone 'made out' like a bandit like I did!!


Jen said...

Awwww Laura! You guys are so cute! I loved seeing these pictures...reminds me so much of mine and Nathan's first Christmas away, just us living in cold's really a special thing, even though I know you missed all your family down here. Glad you had a great Christmas!

Neat how they still put your name on the houses there!

Martha said...

Oooh thanks for the picture update!! What a great Christmas you had!

Martha said...

Oooh thanks for the picture update!! What a great Christmas you had!

Lacy said...

How funny are those pics--Ya'll look way too northern with those ear muff hats on! All I can say is you better not come to visit with a NORTHERN accent! I want to see pics of your staircase wall decor you made..or was it a no go? That necklace looks just like the one Willie got me! How crazy! Love you!

Ashlie said...

Okay, so once again I'm reading this a week sorry! But, I have several things to say and will now do so in list form. (I had to make notes 'cause I wanted to comment on everything!)

1. That is so cool how they put y'alls name on the front of the house!
2. I loved the silly pics and it was so good to see your faces!
3. The bedside table is AWESOME! Where'd it come from?
4. The robe looks like something I could definitely get comfy in!
5. When I saw the pic of Blair "opening" his bow, I was like, how'd she fit a bow in that little box? Duh, Ashlie!
6. Yay! He's wearing the scarf I sent him!
7. I WANT that snow bunny hat of yours!! Seriously!
8. The pearl necklace is beautiful. So classy and chic! Good job Blair!

Okay, that's all for now. Have a wondermous day my sister!