Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

No, I'm not trying to be PC, I'm just trying to include the New Year wishes along with my belated Merry Christmas. "Happy Holidays" seems to encompass it all!!

So this year, Blair and I were together for Christmas, sort of...we'll just say that we were together when we did our "Christmas." Which, by the way was five days early. On Saturday before Christmas, Blair and I were both off. Now, he'd been begging me for two weeks to let him open his presents. I don't know how I put him off for so long, but come that Saturday, I couldn't hold him back anymore!! I wanted to wait till Christmas Eve to open gifts and do dinner, but since I had to work at 11 p.m. Christmas Eve, Blair didn't want to be rushed. So December 20th was our Christmas. I had wanted to make a turkey, green bean casserole and the works, but Blair didn't want that either, since we'd just had that for Thanksgiving. When I asked him what he wanted, he got this 'pondering' look on his face, then brightly exclaimed, "Tacos!" I said, "Huh?!" He wanted a Mexican-themed Christmas dinner. So that's what we did!! I made tacos, guacamole, layered bean dip (I didn't have 7 layers, so it's just 'the layered bean dip!'), and taquitos. It actually was very good. We really enjoyed it all. It was especially nice because that Blair was in the kitchen with me, helping. He was wonderful.

My sweet hubby, he's just like a little kid. I thought we'd compromise on the whole gift opening thing by saving one gift back for Christmas Eve. However, when I hid one of each of ours, he noticed immediately and started to bug me to put it back!! The whole day worked out really well. Ash had told me previously to expect her package on Christmas Eve, but it showed up on Saturday before we even ate! Then, after we'd eaten and opened gifts, Blair's parents package arrived! Can we say perfect timing?! We loved all of our gifts from our family and friends! (I'll post pictures of everything later.)

Well, folks, I know it's not a long post and it has no pictures, but, well, it's the best I can do at work!! I promise I'll post pictures soon of our fun night of opening gifts. You'll all get to see some of Blair and mine's more zany moments. Should be interesting...

Love to you all!
Hope you have Happy Holidays! ;)


Candy said...

I'm glad ya'll had a great Christmas together, Laura! :)

Ashlie said...

Sorry I'm just now reading this a week after you posted it! Let's just say I'm a little behind on commenting! But, I got to hear it from you on the phone first anyway, which is even better. I'm glad y'all had a good Christmas. We sure missed you down here!