Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who can resist cute shoes?!

Apparently not I. I went shopping a while back with my neighbor and we stopped by our local friendly Payless Shoe Store and look what I found! Pink suede mocasin-like slippers. Not only are they too cute, they are comfy too! See?!

Oh, and since Payless is awesome they had a buy one, get one half off sale. So I did! And aren't they darling!?

These cuties I wore for Blair's ALS graduation. You got to see the dress in a previous post, however, the shoes did not get any spotlight now they do! Time to shine ladies!

These sweet babies flew me all the way to the grand state of Michigan for a wedding. They are super cute and surprisingly super comfy!!! Score!

***Whoops! I said these shoes "flew me"? I really meant flew with me. I wore comfortable, practical shoes to traverse the harried airports in!

These cutie pies are the first shoes I bought in North Dakota. They do the occasion proud!

Well, folks, whatcha think? If you've got cute accessories, shoes, or whatever, show 'em off!

Thanks for taking a quick tour of my closet with me! Hope y'all are havin' a wonderful day!


Ashlie said...

OK, first of all, I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I was reading along, basking in what amazing taste my sis has and then I came to the part where you said "these babies flew you to Michigan." At first I read over it and then I stopped in my tracks!! You wore HEELS to fly in?!! Clearly you were either very naive about flying (since it was your first time and all) or you are TOTALLY FLIPPIN' AWESOME! I have to say I am sitting here shaking my head in wonder & admiration (maybe just a smidge of jealousy too). Great shoe, Sissy!

Lacy said...

you could so be a leg/foot model! I still can't believe you got ANOTHER tattoo-Oh where did my innocent Laura go?! Just make sure I can still see your pretty face when you come down this fall (that's still on right? I really don't want to get my hopes up). I love you and I promise I'll call soon, maybe tonight--I'm off :)!

Martha said...

Super cute shoes!!! You always have cute shoes and accessories!:)

destiny said...

Those are so cute!
When did you acquire such a collection of tattoos??? I like the star!
Miss y'all! Hope you are doing well!