Friday, July 24, 2009

Thoughts and a Question

Ok folks, I have a question for y'all. First, a little background...

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a picture and photography fanatic. I have tons and tons and tons (you get the picture...pun intended!) of pictures printed and loads waiting for the privilege of making it to the print shop.

Now, for mine and Blair's anniversary, he let me get a nice, new Digital SLR camera. His one stipulation on buying this piece of equipment was simply that I had to learn to use it. I am slowly but surely learning my way around and playing with the settings and features as I go.

Now, I stumbled across a class (actually a co-worker told me about the site, that teaches techniques in Photoshop that allow you to edit pictures. I hastily signed up for the class thinking that if that one went well, I'd do another and go from there. Turns out, I LOVED IT! I could (and have) sit for hours upon hours just playing with my pictures.

Now what tends to happen with me is that I get all gung-ho for a while and then the enthusiasm tends to peter out. However, I have had an idea in the back of my mind for quite a while, just kicking it around, thinking about it, turning it this way and that, trying to see all the pros and cons of my idea.

So, my fellow readers, I will pose my question to you. Sort of like market research.

Now, my idea is for you (by you, I mean my potential customers) to email me pictures that they have taken, then allow me to edit the picture (not altering the original picture data). I have the ability to put text on pictures. I can make a picture have a vintage feel. I can do black and white with a punch of color on a specified spot (i.e. a flower, eyes, a ball, or whatever). I can do collages with up to nine pictures (more may look too squished). Storyboards would also be available.

I have also tossed around making invitations. Probably not too in depth in the beginning, but if someone would like wedding invites, birthday or shower invites, I believe it would be totally do-able.

I have a lot of ideas and would like to bring them all to fruition. So my question is this...would any of you like to take advantage of this? My prices would be reasonable (I realize the economy isn't the best). I would love to have a business doing something that I love to do. I would like to eventually expand this to do the actual taking of the pictures I edit. For the people locally, that would be an option.

Now, I'm sure no of you would think to be mean, but I'm going to say it for those who might...but I am really putting myself out there right now by bringing this to you, and if you have anything other than positive comments, keep them to yourself please!!

***I will post more examples of my work at a later time, but for one example, look at the very bottom of this page at the sepia toned building I edited.***

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Lacy said...

wow, photography huh--just add that to your list of creative blessings :) I love the pic of the rustic. I may live in a little box, but I've never heard of a place where you can send YOUR pics and have them edit them for you-I think it's a great idea! Can't wait to see more!