Monday, June 15, 2009

On the road...again!

Well, folks, it seems that since winter has finally loosened it's dreadful grip of the weather around these parts. Thank goodness. Along with warmer weather and sunny, puffy-clouded days, brings us good road conditions. Not long ago (Memorial Day weekend, to be exact), Blair and I took a trip to Fargo to get his latest tattoo finished (he needed the color filled in). Well, the entire way there, I had a bad feeling about the appointment. {Not} to my surprise, when we reached the shop (after leaving at 6 a.m. and traveling for four hours) one of the artists told us the guy who was supposed to be doing Blair's tattoo was sick and wouldn't be in that day! ARGH!! Talk about frustration! Luckily, Blair had wanted to spend the night in Fargo and I'd already booked that room, so at least the trip wasn't wasted. We ended up having a really good time in Fargo and enjoyed spending time away together. Oh, oh, and we got to eat at IHOP before coming home. I know, I know, who cares about IHOP right? Well, non-North Dakota residents, I do!!! At home, IHOP was on the bottom of the 'let's go eat somewhere good list' because there were so many other really, really good places to go. Not here. IHOP is a treat. And let me just tell you, I gorged. It was wonderful.

Since the trip to Fargo was a bust as far as the purpose, Blair did research and found another shop to go to to get his tattoo finished. Luckily for us it's only an hour and a half away in Bismarck. While we were there, I also got some new ink. {Pictures to come.} We very much enjoyed only having to drive a short distance to reach our destination. It was such a beautiful day, we kinda hated to be cooped up in a car, but we had a really good time. Usually we get in the car to go on trips and whoever is not driving passes out asleep. However, Blair stayed awake the entire time and we talked the whole way there and back! These days it seems our lives are so busy that we just talk in random snatches, especially since my schedule at work is so crazy. It was nice to be able to have such a long time devoted to just us and conversation.

When we got to Bismarck, we were a bit early so we went to see a movie at this awesome theater they have there in town. It's decorated like an old-timey play house with movie memorabilia all over the place. Next time we go that way, hopefully we can go back to that theater!

Well, I know your probably anxious for pictures so here they are! Enjoy...

Here I am with the stencil on and ready to go...

The artist, Ellie, was super sweet and really good too. It was over in 25 minutes!

This is mine, finished. It says MMVII, Roman numerals for the year Blair and I got married.

Blair looks so stoic...he's watching the poker tour on T.V.!

Blair's was finished quickly too, only about 30 minutes!

The finished product. Neat huh?

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