Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Just Knew It!

You have all been waiting with bated breath for the update on my vacations haven't you? Oh, you haven't? Well, here it is anyway!! Haha!

First our trip to Louisiana. The trip down was fraught will delays, layovers, hunger, and crabbiness. But in the end, we got to the Shreveport airport and were eagerly awaiting parents. I can still remember seeing Mama's face as she peeked around the people between us to catch her first glimpse of Blair and me!

I'll give you a basic run-down of the stuff we did while we were there.

The first night, after being picked up at the airport, we met Ash and Nathan and Lacy, William, and sweet Riley at fabulous Outback. (Let me say this once for all the places we ate...YUM!) We had a wonderful time visiting and I got to hold my 'niece' for the longest time! Turns out I wasn't even hungry because I had that sweet girl in my arms! By the way, she is the cutest, most calm, lovable little thing! Anyway, I thought for sure after the trip down that we'd had, I'd sleep forever on Friday, but lo' and behold, my eyeballs popped open at 7 a.m. and I was rarin' to go. So I went and woke my parents up and we called the sis and went for a family breakfast at Southfield Grill. We dropped Mama and Ash at Ashlie's and Daddy and I returned home. I was tired again by this point and wanted a nap. However, after only an hour, I was thinking of all the stuff I could be doing and got up. The day was spent mainly visiting and being visited by old friends and neighbors. (Thanks Jen and Mrs. Linda for stopping by!) For dinner we went to Cane's!! So, so good.

Saturday arrived and Blair and I went to South Bossier to drive by our old house and remincse about when we lived there. We ate at El Mariachi and then went to WalMart for the goodies we were to being for the ribfest and fish fry that was to go on at Ashlie and Nathan's that night. While the boys cooked, Ash and I strolled around on the boardwalk. I missed that place. You can find such great deals! The dinner that night was superb. (Once again, Nathan, you have ruined me on anyones fish but yours, my brother! I love it!) Good food, good company, what else does one need?

Sunday we went to church and got to see lots of folks! Good times. That night Blair and I got to see my "other" family, the Rosiers. It was so good to spend time with them. Monday was a girls' day and Ashlie, Lay and I went and got a massage! It was so nice to be pampered! After the massage, we went to visit Martha and her new baby in the hospital. I hated that I didn't get to spend much time with my friend but her family comes first! Tuesday I had lunch with an old work friend and we went shoppin' for fabric. It was so good to visit with her. Wednesday Blair and I went to walk through our house we have rented out down there. I thought it would be hard to see someone elses stuff in my house, but our renter appears to take pride in what they have. They seemed very grateful and were very nice too! Wednesday night the family got together again and we played dominos until way into the night!

Thursday, Blair and I got up early (after about 3 hours of sleep) and headed to the airport. Thankfully all our flights were on time and we got to Minot without difficulty. It was a wonderful visit and we both had such a great time. I can't wait till next time!

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