Monday, March 17, 2008

Whirlwind weekend!

Wow, this weekend was a blast!! Our old youth minister and his family came to town for a long overdue reunion. Friday night 16 of us gathered together at Saltgrass for dinner (yummy!). It was so awesome to see everyone together, just like old times! We laughed and talked like the years apart had never happened.

Aren't they such a cute couples?!

This is most of us that were able to make it. (Jenny Bamburg and Martha's hubby's couldn't make it for the photo shoot!! I bet they just hated to miss it!!)

After we all stuffed ourselves silly eating the wonderfully scrumptious food at Saltgrass, a few of us still had a corner left to fill, so we headed to Coldstone Creamery. (Sorry, no pics from there, I was to worried about getting my ice cream!)

Dinner and desert was not enough for all of us revelers, so Lay and Willie opened up their home for us to play games at. We all had so much fun (thanks, Lay!) and took another round of pictures. The guys loved Blair's Guitar Hero III (to be honest, so did Mrs. Sharron!) and I was able to catch a few candids!!

After Guitar Hero and Mad Gab (which the girl's won, by the way!) everyone headed out. Except for Blair, Lay, Mrs. Sharron and I. We all played Nerts, well, Blair didn't. He played Guitar Hero till he was so tired he passed out on the couch!

We couldn't resist taking an all girl picture! The one on the left has those of us in Bro. A and Mrs. Sharron's youth group. The right picture shows all of us including those who "married into" the group!! Welcome additions!

Saturday during the day there was another gathering for those who were in the "old" youth group, I wasn't able to go since I had to work...tear, tear...

However, when I got off work Sunday morning, I went to church. I was able to see Bro. Aaron and Mrs. Sharron and the girls, one last time. I didn't get any pictures with the girls, but I did get pictures from the trip to Starbucks that Mrs. Sharron, Martha, and I took. Friday night was fun, but this was awesome because we got to spend one-on-one talking to one of the best, most wonderful, Godly, sweet, beautiful women ever. And I got pictures...

There is Martha concentrating intently on what Mrs. Sharron is saying! So sweet!


Ashlie said...

I SOOO hate that I missed all the fun! Darn that work schedule! I'm glad you had a great time though, Sissy. Love all the pictures, you did great documenting the weekend!

Jen said...

Those are such great pictures! It's so nice to get together with old friends for a fun reunion.

Martha said...

Look at you! I am so glad you have all these great pictures up on your blog! Oh my how I miss their sweet family everytime they leave! I wonder if Dothan, AL knows how blessed they are?!?!?! What an incredible weekend! So memorable!

destiny said...

This looks like so much fun! I would love a reunion with my old youth group!