Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pictures Galore!!

Here are some more pictures!

A huge tree house we visited in Tennessee.

This is why they are called the Great Smoky Mountains!

Kate, Ben and I at Cedar Point. It was hot!!
Aunt Joyce, Grandma, Blair, Me, and Grandpa Pohl.
The family picture at the picnic!
Teri and Kate holding Kate's beloved kittens!

The boys playing pool! They are so focused!!

Me shooting a long bow...
The bruise I got from forgetting how to hold my arm when I shot the long bow. :(

A Chicago sky line! Beautiful, huh?

Beautiful Wisconsin. I just loved this state!!

More pictures to come of the house. But sadly, the battery is almost dead on the laptop. Until next time! Love y'all!


charakan said...

Nice pictures and a great family All the best in LA.

destiny said...

I'm sure that was fun getting to see so much of the country!! I would love that! Thanks for all the pictures!

Martha said...