Monday, May 17, 2010


So here in the great state of North Dakota, we are catching up with the rest of the country in terms of weather. We have finally, finally made it to 70 degree weather! Yipee for summer!! Now, the locals say don't get too excited cause they have had blizzards (yes, you've read that correctly!) in May! Can you imagine? I'm seriously hoping that it does not become a reality for us!

Blair and I have been super busy since I last posted. On the home front, Blair is doing well at work. He's able to sew on his Seven Level badges (I hope you military folks "get" what I'm talking about cause I barely do)! Blair had an upsetting past couple of weeks...a co-worker passed away and it hit the squadron hard. About 20 of the Airmen and women flew down to the funeral in Florida. I was sad to see Blair go, even if it was only for a week, but knew that he needed that time with his friends and the family of the person who died. After coming back from FL, he took a week of leave to put up our backyard fence. We had our first get together of the summer this weekend and it went smashingly well! I always enjoy hanging out with our friends and if a new fence is an excuse to do it, so be it!!

I've been doing well, working what seems like nonstop...taking photos of co-workers and friends and totally loving it! So far in my repertoire I have a prom shoot, numerous baby shoots (thanks to Miss Abby at Holly's blog!) and a couple pregnancy shoots. I have a few more shoots coming up that should be interesting. A co-worker wants me to get photos of her two kids and her three nephews. Also, a friend of ours is getting married and wants me to be their photographer. So with that I'm going to do engagements, bridals, the wedding and possibly save the dates and invitations! I am so in love with photography and would definitely love to make this a bigger part of my life! I can't leave you without examples so get ready and I hope you enjoy the view!


Ashlie said...

I love, love, love the photos Sis!! You are doing such a great job!! Love you!

holly said...

our whole family made the blog!?! I feel so honored and LOVE the pictures that you have taken for us! YOu are so talented and we can't wait to book you again!