Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lovin' Technology!

I am soo excited! I just downloaded the Bible to my iPod! This is exciting for other than obvious reasons. Why you ask? Because on Sunday, yep, this Sunday, Blair and I will be making our first international trip since being in Turkey! We're going to Greece, folks! On a Biblical tour! Hence, the need for a Bible. You may be wondering why I wanted it on my iPod...well, the answer to that, my friends is because we are only allowed 20 kgs (approximately 45 lbs) and this girl wants to be smart with the packing! (That and I stupidly let my Bible be packed in our household goods, thus I don't have one technically!) Anywho, I just thought I would share about how stupendously excited I am to have technology that allows me to carry God's word around at all times while weighing less than a pound! You rock, technology!

Aaaannnddd, here is a totally random picture of some guy that asked me to take his picture when I was in Old Adana with some friends. After I snapped it, he nodded his head and walked away! So funny!

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