Friday, February 3, 2012


So, today is February 3rd. The long-awaited day for Blair and I. Has it been eventful, no. At least not in the way we were expecting. See, today, or sometime before today, I was expecting to be holding my sweet baby in my arms. That or yelling at Blair in the midst of labor.  But alas, that is not to least not today. So, we are waiting. As most of you know, I don't wait well. I mean, I feel like I've done fairly well playing the waiting game up till now. But as someone told me today, it won't be more than 10 days (that's when my doctor will induce). So, I'll mark my calendar for the "new due date" and wait for that. Should she decide to come before then, HALLELUIAH!

But as promised, I will now show you her room, with her newly arrived furniture. Most of you have seen it, but for those of you that have not...enjoy!!

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Ashlie said...

She'll be here soon, Sis. Don't you worry! If she's anything like her Mama, she'll soon be impatient with running out of room in there! ;-)