Friday, June 27, 2008

A Sad Goodbye

Well, folks, last night was my last night to work at Willis Knighton South NICU. It was sad, but the girls made it happy for me. Even though we were slammed with over 40 babies, they still took the time to let me know they'd miss me. One of our doctors even cooked dinner for all of us, and made us smoothies!! I am so blessed to have worked with such wonderful people. I can't even describe the feelings rolling around inside right now.

If any of my coworkers read this, Thank you!! I will miss you so much!!


Candy said...

AWW...this is so sad, Laura!!!

destiny said...

I'm glad you had a great work experience there! I know you were an awesome, caring nurse!!
Its sad that you are moving (I'm kind of glad I'm not there to have to say goodbye--its so hard). I know God is going to use you in your new place! Just like someone told me.....He is already there waiting for you!

Martha said...

What great co-workers! That is so sweet that the doctor cooked for ya'll! You are LOVED, girl!