Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not much change..

I apologize for  being away for so long. Our lives for about 3 weeks after my last post were quite hectic. From December 18-23, Blair and I went on a Biblical Tour of GREECE!! And it was as amazing as it sounds! Hop over to my Facebook page for a taste of the trip. It was awe-inspiring to be able to walk in the same places that such Godly people walked 2k years ago! We followed Paul around a lot; we went to Corinth, Thessaloniki, Athens, Delphi, and Phillipi to name a few. We also got to tour a couple Greek Orthodox churches. They were so amazing with all the detail and intricate woodwork that went into the building of the churches. One day we got to tour a monastery and a nunnery. The location of the two was the most amazing part, I think. They were high in the mountains of Greece and had some seriously beautiful vantage outlooks. Everywhere you looked in Greece was another gorgeous place to take a picture.

In case your wondering, Belle and I did pretty well, I feel, on the trip. My only hang up was that my feet and ankles got massively swollen. Thank God for a friend that let me borrow some of her boots. I wore my tennis shoes for the first day and had I been forced to where those the entire trip, I would have been miserable! But God is good and He knows our needs before we do, and took care of it for me!

Ok, ok, you convinced me, I'll post some pics from our trip. I hope you enjoy!


Kim said...

I love your blog! This trip looked incredible! I would love to do a trip like that. Glad you are all doing well :)

Ashlie said...

I love all the pics! I think the one of you & Blair in front of the Christmas tree is my favorite. Love 'n hugs!