Friday, October 26, 2007

Feelings of Relief!!

I HAVE FINISHED THE PETTICOATS!!! And on time, too, I might add! I was stressing pretty bad about getting them done, as I mentioned in my last post, but thankfully they are finished. I took some of it to work to work on in my "down" time between babies, so that helped a lot. A friend at work helped me cut the tulle and that was fabulous!!

This is what the finished product looked like. Don't let the picture fool you, that thing is poofy!!

The first petticoat was my "learning experience." They got progressively better. (Which is a good thing since Lay wants one for Ally's flower girl dress!!) By the time I made the third one, it was a cinch! I put way too much stress into the fact I had procrastinated, but they were actually not too hard to make. I made a bit more work for myself because I wanted the petticoat to be comfy for the girls. So, I made the satin as long as the tulle so it wouldn't scratch their legs. When I gave the lady at work the first one to try on her granddaughter, she came back and told me that the granddaughter loved it!! The second little girl wore it home from "the fitting." It made me feel good that they liked them so much!! They will look so cute skating around with their very poofy poodle skirts. The party was today, so I can't wait to go to work and ask my co-worker how it went and how the girls looked! She said she'd take pictures of how they all turned out.

~Just an update, the sis and I are going to our "perfect tote" class on Monday!! We can't wait!~


Laura said...

Hey, that's really cute! How old are the girls wearing these?

Sharron said...

Great job! Looks like you got the hang of it.

destiny said...

So Cute!

Ashlie said...

Yes, that's my sister...the super seamstress! Great job, Sis and thanks for all the help with my tote! Love ya!